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Low/ No Cost method to making money online

Making money online for a start can be quite a challenge. This is especially true when you observe that most of these so called methods requires startup capital (at times, significant amount invested).
In this article today, I will be sharing some methods that are low/ no cost which have served my interest well in the past when I first started out. Hopefully this will inspires you to take action to start making money today.


CPA and Affiliate marketing are two common beginner method that is the easiest to begin with if you are new to Internet Marketing. Without any money or using very little money you won't make a big earning but at the very least you can earn some money to buy a domain name and some hosting. Building capital is the name of the game here. What's the difference between CPA and affiliate marketing? Not much to be honest, you can see a CPA network as a collection of different affiliate marketing offers packed together. Below I shall list the advantages and disadvantages for both of them:

1. CPA Network

Advantages: You can find many products to promote under one roof . CPA network usually pays faster than working directly with advertiser as the network is taking a portion of risk to make early payment.

Disadvantages: As they are the middle man logically they take a cut. And sometimes these network would tend to shave (exclude some of your conversion) in order to boost their bottom line. This is a practice that is strongly denied by CPA networks but from years of experience I can assure you that all CPA network shaves since there is no logic to pay you early with only a slight 20% profit margin for example.

Some of the CPA networks I work with:

For top tier offers I use MaxBounty, Peerfly and Crakrevenue(18+ or mature contents). These network are highly reputable and have been in this industry for many years.

For content locking CPAgrip, adworkmedia, CPAbuild and OGads.

Now the first 3 I mentioned are a little harder to get into and MaxBounty even requires a phone call so you really need to know what to say and that is basically convince them that you know how marketing works and how you will be promoting them which usually works better if you got your own domain and site.

The last 4 I mentioned are pretty easy to get into as long as you provide your marketing technique truthfully.

Now there are literally hundreds of networks, you can go check out the offervault to find offers you like and see which network is connected to it.

Always look up a review when you join a new network that can save you a lot of headache down the line. Be aware that there are many CPA network that cheats publisher by closing down.

2. Direct Affiliate Marketing

Advantages: Usually easier to get accepted and higher payouts.

Disadvantages: The more products you promote the more you need to keep track of everything.

Direct AM can be for example promoting SemRush they pay 40% every month for every customer you bring them, kwfinder they pay 30% lifetime commission or other software tools or an AM program of a web hosting company. (note: the semrush and kwfinder links are not aff links but links to their aff program)

The most known one is Amazon and will be well suited if you have sources for traffic.

Most of the time if a website offers an affiliate program you can find it in the footer of their website or you just google the keyword with "affiliate program" behind it for example: Nike affiliate program or whatever.

Non Direct Affiliate Marketing

Advantages: Like CPA networks have a lot of different offers and even more diverse products, they are easy to register with and payouts go through their gateway.

Disadvantages: Can be hard to find quality products as a lot is pretty much crap.

Most common sites for non direct AM are clickbank and JVzoo both are very easy to register with only products on JVzoo are harder to promote as you need to convince the seller you have good methods to sell their products.

So to sum it up. Offers from CPA networks, direct AM and non direct AM you can promote for free or with a small amount of cash but it will require effort and time!

Next I will be talking a bit on where and how.

Free Domains/Sites/Hosting

As you don't have money for a domain and hosting you will have to come up with different tactics.

You can build free landing-pages and sites on Wix, Weebly and jimdo there are probably more but these are best known and come to my mind.

Keep in mind though, they will never convert as good as having your own domain and site because theirs are on their sub-domains and the free packages come with limitations but with double the effort and creativity you can make some money of it.

If you're more into blogging you can create a free web 2.0 with is when you have your own hosting), blogger or Tumblr for visual blogging.

You can also get a free domain name with the following extensions .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ at freenom.

I don't have experience with them so I took a quick look through their TOS so you don't have to. You can forward those domains however they can't be forwarded to any porn, gambling, weapon related offers so besides that it seems you can forward them to a legit offer.

Where there are free domains there are also free hosters. I would never advice to use free hosting as they all got their issues in one way or another. If you have never worked with WP, Cpanel, PHP etc it could serve it's purpose of getting some experience but I wouldn't use them for business.

One of the most used is 000webhost I linked it to a review page about them so you can judge for yourself what you want to do with them.

Again, free domains and hosting will never be as good to having your own domain and hosting but with a little bit of creativity you can earn some small money from it.

Free Methods

So the obvious free methods is creating social media profiles and start growing them.

I don't know how many profiles you can make on your home IP without trouble but I have at least 5-6 profiles of each on my home IP.


You can start a fan page, group and post in groups relatively easy where most beginners go wrong is spamming the shit out of it.

Facebook doesn't allow paid shortlinks anymore like adfly however they still accept non paid shortlinks like and bitly but it comes with restrictions.

They are either blocked by bitly/ or the SM platform and most likely by both.

So what is the free solution if you want to promote a CPA offer?

You redirect them to your blog/landing-page and from there you can send them to a CPA offer.

Now don't go spamming all over the place because people will report your ass real fast which will result in 30 day bans and in some cases permabans.

Play it smart!

You make a catchy niche related Facebook fan page, make a nice profile photo logo, a nice banner and configure the settings. I won't go over that in this thread but I might do it later on but it isn't that hard to figure out.

Either start posting your own niche articles from your blog or post stuff from the internet, post short posts directly, memes, YouTube vids etc.

A simple example: one of MB offers is the South Beach Diet, this is the website to get some inspiration.

So make a fan-page named "South Beach Diet Review" or "The Diet Professionals" or whatever that is related to it.

Post some beautiful bodies, some before/after photo's, articles and somewhere along the line you direct it to one of your landers or blog articles where you basically tell them how awesome the product is and then direct it to the offer.

Now join niche related groups and visit niche related pages just like some stuff, do some casual replies but whatever you do don't start spamming.

Now if you are on a desktop you can embed your posts with example by pressing the 3 horizontal dots of your post, select embed, then advanced settings and copy the URL post.

On your mobile you can direct copy the link but you will have to add your own text and photo.

Don't mention any offers, just post something like "these before and after results are awesome"and link it to your page or something like that.

You could also share the post of your fanpage on your own page and then post that directly in any group you are part off but don't do it too often as group owners usually don't like it.

Don't copy paste that everywhere because you will get banned, diversify, be creative.


Instagram is straight forward. Create IG with a niche related name, start posting niche related photo's with each photo you post 2-3 words that describes the photo or says a quote then place 20-30 related #hastags with it and start following people.

Don't know who to follow? Let's keep using the South Beach Diet offer as example so you look up personal trainers like Shaun T, Tony Horton, Jillian Michaels etc they all have many followers and you go follow their followers.

If your profile, photo's are interesting they will follow back. Don't add any link to your blog or your free domain that directs to your offer directly.

First have a couple thousand followers and build some trust.

Now I'm not going into any deeper details about IG, use your brain and creativity, check successful accounts and copy their methods.


Now this is a favorite of mine, I haven't worked a lot with YouTube but I know it works very well if you know what you are doing.

Same as with FB, you can short-link direct AM but CPA will get blocked so you will have to redirect those too.

You can create your own review videos in English or for your own language whatever suits the offer.

To help you create the right titles and video tags you can use the free version chrome plugin named VidIQ, don't like chrome? NP, there is another plugin which has a free version that also works on Firefox named TubeBuddy.

Both can be cracked and ironically you can find how on YouTube. :D

If you need inspiration just look up a successful competitor and see how they did it and copy their style with your own touch.

Now maybe you don't like being on videos and you have no camera to film with, you can use Creative Commons videos.

It used to be possible to straight upload them to your channel and edit them but as usual YT had the bright Idea to remove that option.

How it is set up now, if you find a CC video officially you should message the owner and hope they ever reply and then ask if they still got the video so they can share it with you.

Choose a video that will suit your project and download it with a Firefox/Chrome plugin and start editing it to your liking.

Now pretty much every expensive video editing software can be found for free on the internet if you look hard enough but here are a 2 free and simple choices, Videopad, VSDC.


Basically the same rules count for twitter as for FB and IG. Make your profile, profile photo, cover photo pro and stand out.

Follow the followers of big accounts in your niche, retweet niche related stuff, retweet your IG photos, FB posts, your blog posts and once you got a couple thousand followers and build some trust put in articles with AM short-links or redirect from twitter to your landing page or blog.


This can be a good way to generate traffic and leads but again, don't spam it, play it smart.

Basically in marketing and all social media profiles it needs to look professional, that people see it, read it and think, this page/person is legit.

On Quora it's important you have a good representative photo, a well written bio and good credentials.

It doesn't have to be a photo of yourself just a representative looking one and the credentials don't have to be real either just make them believable.

Now you are going to look for questions related to the offer so if we are still using the South Beach Diet you going to find diet related questions that aren't answered a lot already and preferably not answered at all.

You give a descent constructed answer with a link to your landing page/blog, direct AM link work also, rinse and repeat but don't spam and constant use the same answer, spin it a bit.

Blog Replies/Forum:

Another oldie but free and will only cost you time is replying on niche related blogs and forums.

There are many blogs on the internet where you can leave a reply. There are paid tools to find them easily but the free way you just go to google and type the kw+blog+leave a comment or leave a reply for example

Like everything else, don't make it obvious! Give a genuine reply like: "I really enjoyed your post, especially the part about [whatever is in the post] it reminds me of the post I read on [your blog, landing page etc]. Something like it, be creative with it ;)

For forums you look up niche related forums preferably ones that allow a signature, don't add a banner or link straight away if you haven't post anything yet because it would be too obvious. Just reply a bit here and there and when you have been there for a while fill in your bio.

So if you are a member of a fitness forum fill in your bio that you are a fitness instructor, nutrition adviser, diet blogger whatever and as with everything else, make it look legit. Usually you can fill in a website with your bio so put a bitly link or a link to your blog/landing page.

When you are familiar with that forum a bit and they allow signatures create some 728x90 banner and link it to your direct AM offer or to your blog/landing-page.

Porn Re-Upload:

Now I know many have tried this and many have an interest in this.

I did this for a little while in the beginning so I can tell you something about it.

Again, it's almost completely free, you will need a domain name to redirect it to an afflink. The free domain names don't allow it so you need to buy a $0.48/$0.88 domain name.

I guess you can do it completely free if you use a bit of the e-whoring tactic and that is setting up a profile and PM people and post the afflink but you will get banned fast.

What you will be doing is downloading porn videos that don't have any watermarking in it yet, preferably webcam videos or amateur/home-made.

So what you do is search for a nice offer with crakrevenue or you use chaturbate aff program but IMO chaturbate don't convert well anymore for the reason that so many people already doing it plus on chaturbate you can pretty much see it all for free.

Once you got the above done you are going to redirect your domain to the offer and watermark your domain in the porn videos and upload them to porn sites. I'm not going to post which sites allow it but the easiest one and most used is Xvideos.

Keep in mind though, this is a heavily saturated method and don't think you will earn big with a few videos or even after 50 videos. You will need at least hundreds of videos and probably thousands to have a good ROI (return of investment either for the time or money spend)

Of course there are a couple tweaks and things you can do to make it work better but I will leave it up to you to find out what works best.


I think I saw a thread with a title like "easy $100 a day" with surveys somewhere.

Now for me, if I see easy in the title I'm already suspicious because it's never easy and then when I see a afflink in the signature to sign up on a CPA network I already know it's BS.

Anyway, surveys. Surveys are a CPA offer and basically it means if you can send someone to sign up with a survey offer you get $1/$2 per signup. You can make a little beer money with this but constant $100 a day..unless you have a very good email list, forget about it.

Like the porn re-upload method, this is very saturated and you will see these kind of offers in every marketing FB group that don't have moderation.

You could tweak this method a bit as I did but it's a little unethical.

Now most of the survey offers run in multiple GEO's so I would look for a survey offer that also runs in your country.

What you are going to do is create a job ad on your local classified sites or job sites, now of course you are not going to place an ad that mentions the survey but you create a genuine ad that looks like a real job ad for sales assistant or whatever and that it pays $2000 a month.

When people email you either reply with that there are too many people applying and meanwhile they can take a look at this offer(html link to the CPA offer) or whatever sounds believable, try some things out and see what works best.

Fiverr/ Udemy/ Etsy: 

If you got any skills like webdesign, logo design or maybe you are good in translating English to your language or vice versa, play the guitar, can make jewelry whatever skill you can think off if you are good at it you can make money on these 3 platforms:

Fiverr, Udemy and Etsy.

Of course you will have mass competition but hey it's never easy :) basic marketing skills apply:

Make your profile top notch, good text, good photos and always reply ASAP.

Some ideas what to do with certain amounts of money besides the above.