How to Make Money From Home

How to Make Money From Home

Today we will be talking about how to make money from home. Honestly, this is an ideal situation where anyone would want. So is making money from the comfort of your home a myth or something that is possible? Let us explore further on this topic.

Making money has always been a subject that garners a lot of interest. It makes this subject all the more appealing when you are talking about how to make money from home. Through the advancement of technology, this is no longer a myth that is hard to realise.

Let us breakdown the art of money making from home into two categories. 1) Active Management and 2) Passive Income.

Active management is the way to create an online business entity whereby you will actively manage the process of the business. From procurement of supplies, marketing to get customers, aftersales service support and repeat sales. These are all activities that are necessary in order for you to make money from home.

The most popular method in this category of money making would be buying and selling. Buying products in bulk and selling them cheaply over the internet. To achieve cost saving, you need to reduce sales charges significantly. A popular way is to leverage upon online marketplace like Amazon, ebay, etsy to sell your wares. Since they have already a large pool of customers base who are eager to buy, you can easily make some sales there.

Another way to do this will be by focusing on niche service/ product sites. And sell those unique services/ products. Build your own website and branding. This is a good way to build an asset since you can always sell the business later on if a good offer comes along.

I personally prefer the first approach and sell through the marketplace since I won't have to deal with the marketing process and focus on handling customer service. This fits into my model of how to make money from home. At the comfort of my home, I will be able to make money easily.

Building a niche website and branding takes too many resources. Despite the tremendous rewards the resources required is also the largest. Not such an easy job in my point of view.

Next category, passive income is something that I personally like. In this category, we will be looking at CPA marketing through paid advertising, ebooks writing, music, graphic design, app development and more.

CPA marketing is a strategy that I use to make passive income. By leveraging on ad networks (Pop traffic, native and push), I am able to promote these scammy looking offers and make money out of them at the comfort of my home. Since traffic quality is usually poor with such advertising network, I tend to focus on the CPL type of offers. So that I would just make money from leads. This approach is simple as all you need is a good tracker, run some trial campaigns to get profitable zone data. Once you have these data, focus on these profitable zones and bid as lowly as possible that allows you to still get some traffic.

Next, ebook writing. I tend to hire a ghostwriter to do this and simply submit my ebook to Amazon for selling. Usually pricing the ebook at $3.99 and above. This is the sweet spot of pricing. Do not try to price too low as that will give the potential buyer a bad feeling that this is a poorly written book.

Music creation is another interesting way to make some passive income. Tunecore will help you to collect royalties and all you have to do is to submit your own creation to TuneCore and they will do all the legwork of publishing your song. Since I mention this is passive income, I do not do any advertising and promotion.

App development is another good way to leverage the popularity of the app store to acquire new users. My approach to this is to use reskin app service and simply reskin popular app/ gaming app. List them on the store with the right keywords and wait for organic installs to happen.