Real Life Maths application can get you rich

A retired couple made $26 million, using only basic arithmetic.
Meet Jerry and Marge Selbee.
A couple from smalltown America ran a convenience store.
When they hit their 60s, they decided it was finally time to sell the store, retire, and relax.
One fine day in 2003, Jerry noticed a new lottery game called “Winterfall”.
He realized after a mere three minutes or so, that there was a loophole in this lottery.
This lottery had a unique feature, “Rolldown”.
If the jackpot hit $5 million, and no one matched all six numbers, all the prize money 'rolled down' to who matched five, four or three numbers.
Every 4-number winner was worth $1000, and 3-number winner was worth $50.
Jerry figured out that if he invested $1100, he’d win 18 * $50 + $1000 = $1900.
That’s a profit of around 73%.
The next time there was a rolldown, Jerry bought $3600 worth of tickets, and won $6300.
Then invested another $8000 and doubled it.
He started betting hundreds of thousands of dollars - because after all, he knew it would be a guaranteed win - and soon set up a corporation, G.S. Investment Strategies.
He sold shares in the company to friends and family and gave them massive returns on their investments.
By 2005, Jerry had 25 members in his lottery club. All of them were lottery winners.
With there being no Tom to compete with, Jerry and his club’s wealth continued to rise unchecked.
That is, until Winterfall fell.
Michigan shut down the game, blaming it on lack of sales.
Sounds like it was Game Over for Jerry, but the story doesn’t end here.

One of Jerry’s group members found a similar game in Massachusetts and notified Jerry.
It took Jerry only 10 minutes to crack the game.
Over the course of the next 6 years, Jerry and Marge drove 900 miles to Massachusetts every time there was a rolldown.
Together they bought hundreds of thousands of tickets and sorted them by hand for 10 hours a day, 10 days straight.
But in 2011, the Boston Globe got tipped off, and soon investigations began.
The game was immediately closed down and the cops started investigating.
They looked hard for some sort of corruption, scam, anything illegal.
But all the Selbee couple were doing was playing the game, and the investigators came up empty-handed.
And that’s how a pair of retired, ordinary couple went on to become millionaires, along with earning the nickname The Lottery Hackers.
All of it because of mathematics.