What are some ways to improve your appearance drastically?

There are many ways to improve appearance.
  1. Always wear proper shoes: It is always said that the first thing people notice is your shoe.
  2. Have a proper hair cut(different hairstyles have a great impact on the look so choose the hair cut carefully, and also hair die is a good option ), and shave your face.
  3. Take shower daily, and do not forget to use a light perfume.
  4. Take care of your clothes, top and bottom should go hand in hand, it should not a mismatch.
  5. Clothes should clean, and pressed properly.
  6. Cleaning and trimming fingernails are a must.
  7. Take care of the skin by eating healthy food, and drinking plenty of water.
  8. wear light makeup before stepping out.
  9. Most importantly, gaining or losing a few pounds depends on what you need also has a great impact.
  10. wearing a cool spectacle also changes the look to some impact.
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